Right Care Action Week

We created C2it Health to help American families get the best care and support available to them. We did so because we recognized that our system is fragmented, broken and unaffordable. The Lown Institute agrees. We love their  RightCare Alliance and its new Right Care Action Week, which is taking place next week: Oct 16-22. In their words:

The Lown Institute’s RightCare Alliance initiative is the first grassroots social movement that brings together health professionals, religious and community groups, and the public. Together we are working toward a society in which the right care is accessible by all. We believe this will be made possible through a collaborative process that engages local healthcare institutions and the community in the stewardship of resources for health.

There are 3 main activities associated with RightCare Action Week: A Listening Booth, where people can come tell their stories about their experiences with the health care system (good and bad), A Story Slam, where people’s stories can be told to an audience and a “What Worries You?” initiative where patients and families can express their worries in the health care setting.

Click here to find a RightCare Action event near you. It is going to take all of us to right the boat. Tell your health care story, express your worry or LISTEN to others next week and commit yourself to a better tomorrow for doctors, patients and families.

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