Healthcare Decision Awareness


HealthcareNational Health Care Decisions Day is TODAY!
National Health Care Decisions Day was started six years ago to raise awareness of a need for each of us to think about our own futures with regard to health care. It is a fact that we as a society are a mixed and very diverse cultural group, but one fact remains true: We are all human and will face illness or death one day. By talking in advance with your family about what you would or would not want under circumstances of illness or injury, you can give them a gift, a lasting peace of mind that will allow them to follow your own wishes in a time of great stress. It will relieve anxiety, ease a burden and promote healing.
The founders and staff of Good Medicine strongly to encourage to let your family know who your primary and secondary decision makers are for your health. We encourage you to talk at length with that person and your family about what you would want if something happens to you. Protect yourself, protect your quality of life, your goals, your beliefs: Plan for the future today by having “The Conversation”. Give the gift of peace of mind to yourself and your family.

Please see the short 3 minute video at National Healthcare Decision Day to help you get your Conversation started.

If you want help starting this conversation or getting questions answered, please contact us at Good Medicine: 415-865-0300.

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