Health Planning Tools

Health planning tools improve care organization and effectiveness to make managing health issues easier and more productive. Find forms, calculators, and checklists to make sure you don’t forget the important steps and considerations for ensuring the best outcomes possible.

Six Things A Patient Can Do to Prevent Surgery Infection

The last thing anyone wants to get when they go to the hospital, especially for an elective surgery or procedure, is an infection! If you are considering having an Orthopedic Procedure such as your knee scoped, hip replaced or ACL repaired, there are things you can do to lower your risk of Surgical Site Infection (SSI).

The Holy Grail of “Care Coordination”

Coordinated care is a buzz word for health reformers, but it is ultimately the job of patients and families. This means being organized, having access to their own records and being willing to ask questions.

Money Matters: Talking to Seniors About Their Finances

Discussing finances with your senior parents is uncomfortable, but identifying difficulties managing finances is a crucial step to maintaining independence and safety.

Need More Help?

Defining your own goals for your health is the first step to getting the best care. Take the following short survey to get started at planning for your best health.

Post-Hospital Complication Prevention Guide

Understand what complications you may experience after a hospitalization and what questions to ask your doctor before you leave.

Heatstroke Evaluation Tool

Heat stroke is more possible, and dangerous, than you think. Take this quiz to assess your risk and take action to prevent a heat-related death.

Assisted Living Decision Guide

Don’t choose a Residential Care Facility or Assisted Living for you or your family member without taking these steps.