The Move to Assisted Living – Avoiding the Guilt

A checklist of key steps to picking the right Assisted Living or other Residential Care Facility for the Elderly for you or your family member.

Summertime Killer – Heat Stroke Easier Than You Think

The risk of heat stroke is spiking in large sections of the U.S. this summer. The CDC and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently issued a warning about dangerously hot weather in the Midwest and Southern US for July of 2016. Dangerously high heat is a heat index of 90 degrees or higher, and can […]

Is it Time to Give Up Driving?

Almost everyone reaches an age when they become an unsafe driver. For some, the time to give up driving can happen at a young age.

A Geriatrician is Key to Helping Families Manage Care

Taking care of a senior is hard enough. A senior with a degenerative condition like Parkinson’s requires thought, a multi-disciplinary team, and outside resources like a Geriatrician.

DNE: Do Not Escalate. An Underutilized Directive

It’s about a patient’s quality of life. For some people in Long Term Care this often ignored option is a better choice than aggressive treatments.

Five Critical Questions About Your Diagnosis

Finding a doctor you trust before you get sick is step one. Step two is being informed and asking the right questions when something goes wrong.

Spinal Stenosis: What’s the Right Answer?

Spinal Stenosis is one of the leading causes of pain and disability in people over 65. Currently, it is estimated that 1 in 1000 people over 65 and 5 in 1000 people over 50 suffer from spinal stenosis.