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Post-Hospital Complication Prevention Guide

Understand what complications you may experience after a hospitalization and what questions to ask your doctor before you leave.

Discharge Supplies & Services Guide

Use this checklist to make sure you have the information and supplies you need before going home from the hospital.

Discharge Medications Guide

An organizational tool to assist you with medication changes after you leave the hospital.

Inform Yourself Before You Consent

Why do we treat medical consent as a task to be checked off instead of an opportunity to convey important information to patients and their families?

A Geriatrician is Key to Helping Families Manage Care

Taking care of a senior is hard enough. A senior with a degenerative condition like Parkinson’s requires thought, a multi-disciplinary team, and outside resources like a Geriatrician.

Five Critical Questions About Your Diagnosis

Finding a doctor you trust before you get sick is step one. Step two is being informed and asking the right questions when something goes wrong.