Health Planning Tools

Health planning tools improve care organization and effectiveness to make managing health issues easier and more productive. Find forms, calculators, and checklists to make sure you don’t forget the important steps and considerations for ensuring the best outcomes possible.

Life Insurance: An Important Financial Decision for Seniors

As we grow older it’s important that our families have the care they need. I found this out myself personally when my parents made the decision to retire and we came to realize just how important life insurance is for financial security. For instance,  life insurance can provide additional financial support to a surviving spouse […]

See to Your Life Goals

Prioritizing your life goals should be a life-long process. It should not be one that ceases as soon as you get your last degree or first job. Take our short quiz to help you reflect on what you want to do with the rest of your life.

See to Your Health Goals

Surveying the goals you have for your health throughout your life will help you achieve them.

Hospital Discharge is Much Smoother With a Good Plan

After medical treatment, surgery, or other hospital procedure, there are important questions and arrangements that need to be made to ensure the best recovery. These include care, medication, possible complications, therapy, medical supplies, and other care needs before hospital discharge. Having a plan in place can help to make the experience smoother and to prevent mistakes that could have serious consequences.

Have You Chosen Your Health Care Agent?

Designating a Health Care Agent is the most important part of your Advanced Care Plan. Let us help you navigate the first steps of this process.

Life Values Decision Guide

Create and share Values Statement with your family to help them make decisions for you if you are incapacitated or not able to make decisions for yourself.

Four Professionals Who Can Help with Senior Finances

Managing finances in the senior years is difficult for two reasons: First, the complexity of remembering to pay bills and balance a checkbook, let alone remembering to manage investments, can become overwhelming. Second, money often runs out when long-term care and other medical bills start to pile up. Here are four professionals you should know […]