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Use our planning tools to help achieve peace of mind and the best quality of life with challenges like hospitalization, frailty, memory impairment or cancer.

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A Healthy Outlook is Vital to the Cancer Recovery

In the pendulum swing of illness and recovery many cancer survivors discover that your outward appearance can hide dark emotions that lurk deep.

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There are 53 million outpatient surgical procedures performed annually

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When Pills are the Problem: The Movement to Deprescribe

Colin Poitras, UConn Today

40% of people over 65 are taking 5 or more medications. That may be too many. It is estimated that 20% of medications prescribed to seniors is inappropriate and may cause harmful side effects, such as dizziness or falls. Doctors and pharmacists are being taught to “deprescribe” safely after reviewing an older patient’s medicine regimen. A detailed review should occur once a year and include over the counter medications. This should be viewed as a critical task in caring for a geriatric patient.

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Norco Universal Cuff

Cutlery, pens and pencils can be held with the Utensil Holder. Hook and loop closure with a D-ring strap adjustment for palms measuring 7“ to 8“ in circumference. Easy to put on and take off. Pocket measures 3“ long x 1“ wide and is sewn closed on one end.