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Use our planning tools to help achieve peace of mind and the best quality of life with challenges like hospitalization, frailty, memory impairment or cancer.

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Five Critical Questions About Your Diagnosis

Finding a doctor you trust before you get sick is step one. Step two is being informed and asking the right questions when something goes wrong.

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Only 9% of surgical consents explicitly assess patient understanding.

- Braddock, JAMA, 1999

Learn the Terms That Matter, Check Out Our Healthcare Translator

Being savvy in getting care, paying for care, and managing your stress starts with speaking the language.

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Old-Style Chemo Is Still A Mainstay In The Age Of Targeted Cancer Therapy

Richard Harris, Health News from NPR

There is an underappreciated role of chemotherapy — its ability to directly affect the immune system. ‘It appears that after chemotherapy kills cancer cells, the debris that’s left can sometimes stimulate an immune reaction. That leftover material is like a vaccine, in that it trains the immune system to recognize and attack remaining cancer cells.’ Researchers are exploring combined modalities; fast-acting chemotherapy which can help slow an aggressive cancer, for instance, and give the slower-acting immunotherapy treatments a chance to work.

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Rocker Knife with Serrated Blade

This is a great solution for persons with limited hand-to-mouth reach. Persons with hand arthritis, neurological impairments or generalized weakness will find the special edge of the Serrated Rocker Knife provides added stability while cutting, including meat.