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Use our planning tools to help achieve peace of mind and the best quality of life with challenges like hospitalization, frailty, memory impairment or cancer.

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A Geriatrician is Key to Helping Families Manage Care

Taking care of a senior is hard enough. A senior with a degenerative condition like Parkinson’s requires thought, a multi-disciplinary team, and outside resources like a Geriatrician.

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18 percent of Medicare patients discharged from the hospital are readmitted within 30 days

-, 2012

Learn the Terms That Matter, Check Out Our Healthcare Translator

Being savvy in getting care, paying for care, and managing your stress starts with speaking the language.

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Maximum human lifespan has already been reached

Albert Einstein College, Nature

Advances in modern medicine may continue to extend longevity, but perhaps resources now being spent to increase lifespan should instead go to lengthening healthspan — the duration of old age spent in good health.

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Gold Violin – Active Independent Living

A variety of products to help improve mobility, comfort, and quality of life.