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Use our planning tools to help achieve peace of mind and the best quality of life with challenges like hospitalization, frailty, memory impairment or cancer.

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Five Critical Questions About Your Diagnosis

Finding a doctor you trust before you get sick is step one. Step two is being informed and asking the right questions when something goes wrong.

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90% of Americans believed it was important to have end-of-life care discussions with their families, yet less than 30% had done so.

- Institute of Medicine

Learn the Terms That Matter, Check Out Our Healthcare Translator

Being savvy in getting care, paying for care, and managing your stress starts with speaking the language.

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Vitamin B-12 as Protection for the Aging Brain

Jane Brody, New York Times

B12 vitamin deficiency as a cause of cognitive issues is more common than is known. The ability to absorb B12 naturally present in foods depends on the presence of adequate stomach acid. Between 10 percent and 30 percent of people older than 50 produce too little stomach acid to release B12 from foods. Insufficient absorption of B12 from foods may even be common among adults aged 26 to 49.

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Long Reach, Comfort Wipe

New design ensures personal hygiene for those who find reaching difficult. The rounded, soft and smooth design has a simple, uncomplicated mechanism which grips the toilet tissue firmly and releases it cleanly, thus abolishing the need to touch the tissue after wiping. Works equally well with toilet tissue or wet wipes.